Navigating Uncertainty: Driving business value now whilst innovating for future growth
18 May 2023︱London 



If there is anything the last 3 years has highlighted, it is that the only certainty is uncertainty itself. Lasting economic, geopolitical, environmental and technological disruptions have redefined the business environment, and this ‘new norm’ is perhaps best summed up by the Collins Dictionary Word of the Year 2022, ‘permacrisis’. 

For organisations, this new context has emphasised the need to build resilience and adaptability, accelerate digital transformation initiatives and embrace disruption as a catalyst for opportunity. But now, with added economic pressures, the stakes have been raised once again.

In order to navigate this uncertain and competitive environment, business and technology leaders face a difficult balancing act. How do they deliver efficiencies, productivity and growth in the short term, whilst also innovating and experimenting with the disruptive trends and technologies that enable long-term growth?

Get involved this May and equip pre-qualified C-suite attendees from your target accounts to help them Navigate Uncertainty: Driving business value now whilst innovating for future growth.

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