Big data strategy building research in partnership with EY

Posted by Dominic Murphy | 12-Jan-2015 16:07:00

Nimbus Ninety has partnered with EY to undertake research into how companies are currently using big data analytics to find, measure, create and protect value across functional areas. Strikingly, while the research shows that 81% of organisations think data should be at the heart of every business decision, most are still using analytics in an isolated way to address specific business issues, limiting the potential value to increase performance and efficiency.

Click here to view and download the resulting report: Becoming an analytics driven organisation to create value

Headline findings

  • 50% of companies do not trust their own data
  • 81% agree that data should be at the heart of all decision making but only 31% of companies have significantly restructured their operations to help do this
  • 3% are actively involved in mature stage big data projects but this means 97% are not

Wake up call for Cyber Security:

  • Only 12% of companies are currently using big data analytics to increase cyber security, yet the expectation is that this need will double in the foreseeable future
  • Only 18% are using analytics to improve regulatory compliance
  • Only 10% of companies are using analytics to detect accounting fraud

Four key challenges for businesses today:

  • Building the right organisational structure and governance framework to support value-driven decision making
  • Analytics, security and compliance
  • Delivering actionable insight to all decision makers across an organisation
  • Developing the talent needed to convert data into business value

The report contains the results of a survey of over 270 senior executives on all aspects of their data strategy. The findings are backed up with insight and thought leadership from EY together with a case study on Bupa’s data strategy that is helping patients live longer, happier lives.

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