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Doing digital vs being digital...who's best at digital disruption?

on 08-Apr-2015 17:57:00 By | Dominic Murphy | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
Unpredictability and volatility have traditionally come in cycles, and have been associated with fear, risk and financial losses. Business ecosystems were designed and constructed to control and regulate this uncertainty.
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on 18-Mar-2015 17:53:00 By | Dominic Murphy | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates IGNITE Summits
Are you a b2b technology start-up with a proven idea striving to get your company in front of hundreds of senior stake holders from potential clients? Have you tried and tested your product or service and can you demonstrate return on investment?
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The Core to a Successful Digital Strategy: creating a digital culture

The days when a business was considered leading-edge for having a digital strategy encompassing mobile, e-commerce and social media feel long gone. In fact some would argue that, in the ‘digital age’ we now live, a business could hardly survive without these customary ‘bolt-on’ digital tools. This, of course, is debatable but one thing is for sure, the true ‘digital leaders’ have a lot more to their digital strategies than only these digital offerings.
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Digital Strategy: launch of the Nimbus Ninety Digital Benchmarking Practice

on 27-Feb-2015 17:36:00 By | Dominic Murphy | 0 Comments | Research & Reports Activities & Updates IGNITE Summits
Nimbus Ninety is delighted to launch our new and cutting edge Digital Benchmarking Practice. At Nimbus Ninety we exist solely to help our community members along the way to digital success in their organisations and this is the next way we are here to help you!
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How does the future look for big data revenue?

on 12-Feb-2015 16:28:00 By | Dominic Murphy | 0 Comments | IGNITE Summits
Do you think 'big data' is just another peice of jargon that's going to distract you from what really matters to your business? If revenue matters to your business (which we sure hope it does) you may want to re-consider, but that's up to you. We would however suggest having a quick look at the infographic below, from Umbel, to see what the future of big data revenue looks like for enterprise organisations.
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Big data strategy building research in partnership with EY

on 12-Jan-2015 16:07:00 By | Dominic Murphy | 0 Comments | Research & Reports
Nimbus Ninety has partnered with EY to undertake research into how companies are currently using big data analytics to find, measure, create and protect value across functional areas. Strikingly, while the research shows that 81% of organisations think data should be at the heart of every business decision, most are still using analytics in an isolated way to address specific business issues, limiting the potential value to increase performance and efficiency.
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What does it take to have a winning innovation strategy?

on 15-Dec-2014 16:03:00 By | Dominic Murphy | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
Throughout 2014 a well worked internal innovation strategy has been an extremely important area that we have seen companies looking to master. There is a clear understanding that in order to deliver business growth you must have the steps in place to allow your employees spend time on innovation. Customers drive growth, customers demand innovation.
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Infographic: the future of the Internet of Things

on 21-Nov-2014 15:40:00 By | Dominic Murphy | 0 Comments | Research & Reports Thought Leadership
Over the two days of the Nimbus Ninety IGNITE summit earlier this month, the proliferation of the Internet of Things was regularly sited as the most disruptive force that will impact on both our personal lives and our businesses over the next five to ten years.
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IGNITE awards comedian launches 'the novel that will save lives'

on 06-Nov-2014 15:37:00 By | Dominic Murphy | 0 Comments |
‘Read a book, save a life’, urges Anthony Nolan as it launches innovative celebrity e-book collaboration Open Links, by stand-up comedian and writer Dominic Holland, is the first ever e-novel to be published by a charity. One hundred per cent of the proceeds from this innovative celebrity and charity collaboration will go to Anthony Nolan, the UK’s blood cancer charity and bone marrow register.
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IGNITE awards winners announced

on 31-Oct-2014 09:25:00 By | Dominic Murphy | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates IGNITE Summits
After an incredible awards ceremony this evening, packed full of stories of innovation and disruption, the winners of the inaugural Nimbus Ninety IGNITE Awards have finally been announced!
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