IGNITE September 2016: Highlights

Posted by Victoria Arrington | 07-Oct-2016 11:25:53

With each and every IGNITE, our speakers and delegates get more and more innovative. It's thrilling to see how the inventive thinking from each IGNITE dominoes onto the following IGNITE - leading to amazing transformative journeys for our attendees and their organisations.

"Really thought-provoking couple of days. Some excellent speakers, thank you!" Data Architect, Marie Curie
"Very interesting and relevant people - attendees and speakers." Ecosystem Strategy Manager, GSMA
"I enjoyed the variation in content between the talks - the conference covered a lot and avoided being repetitive." Policy and Project Adviser, HMRC

September 2016 Sparks Into Action...

IGNITE has delivered a feast of thought leadership delivered from the UK's top innovative thinkers. With all of this on offer, it is always difficult to narrow down what my top 3 moments were - but nonetheless, here they are....

My IGNITE Top 3 - September 2016 Edition:

#1 - Speaker Quotes

"Digital ecosystem management is a new discipline - like supply chain management or CRM....ecosystems are all about 'leveraged growth' with partners, not protecting your niche." Simon Torrance, Senior Advisor on Digital Innovation, BearingPoint

"Co-development is the most innovative way for corporations to engage with the start-up ecosystem." Antoine Bascheira, Founder Early Metrics

"Organisations need to move from an 'I think' mindset, to an 'I know' mindset." James Maunder, Director of IT, Institute of Directors

#2 - Most Retweeted Slide


"In the last 15 years, 52% of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared - it's about people now." Roger Gorman, Founder and CEO at ProFinda

#3 - Takeaway from our latest Digital Leaders Insight Series report, launched at IGNITE 

“The results showed that overall, innovation ecosystems are about driving growth, with 58% selecting developing new products and services. Excitingly, 38% chose the rather radical option of reinventing business models.”

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