Building world-class online experiences to drive growth
Thursday 3 March 2022 │ 18:00-19:30 GMT │ Virtual wine tasting
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Personalised omnichannel experiences are a must for enterprises that are serious about customer loyalty. Enterprises that can’t identify a user the moment a customer interacts with a digital platform are likely to lose business fast, while brands that masterfully develop meaningful, secure and intentional customer journeys outpace the competition.

But managing and understanding customer identities across multiple platforms can be a complex task. To rise to the challenge, digital savvy businesses are looking towards adopting scalable approaches that boosts agility to give them the power and flexibility to weave together disparate elements of the customer journey - securely, simply and seamlessly.

Join us as we bring together senior technology leaders to discuss how to create, test and optimise omnichannel experiences in new and novel ways.

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18.05 Welcome from Nimbus Ninety

18.10 Wine tasting introduction

18.20 Building world-class online journeys to drive growth

Mate Barany, Regional Solution Architect, Ping Identity

18.30 Wine tasting

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18.50 Roundtable discussion

  • What impact has the increased demand for online experiences had on your customer-facing digital channels?
  • How has your organisation evolved your customer experience based on these forces (e.g. simplified registration or sign-in processes, using intelligence to analyse user behaviour to make security visible only when absolutely necessary)?
  • How does your business balance security, convenience and privacy when engaging with customers via your digital channels? 
  • How does your organisation maintain agility within your teams that are creating and testing customer experiences? 
    • What has worked to accelerate time to market, meet evolving business requirements or lower total cost of ownership (TCO)? 
    • What are the challenges that you have faced that hinder agility?
  • How does your organisation measure online customer journeys to optimise how they drive engagement or enhance security?

19.25 Closing remarks


Mate BaranyMate Barany is a Regional Solution Architect for Ping Identity and has over 12 years of experience working on complex implementation projects across EMEA. The key to Mate’s success is focusing on the End User Experience - implementing a “Customer First” approach when working with Partners and Customers - while at the same time ensuring key business and technical requirements are met. Mate loves a challenge and believes there is always room for improvement.


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