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COmpany Overview

We are

ProFinda is reimagining productivity, talent and people analytics solutions around an employee centric model.

The ProFinda solution is a blend of years of research in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Behavioural Psychology. This is coupled with real world experience of deploying new technology into large organizations.

Our approach has now featured at the White House, Davos and Forrester Research. ProFinda is producing incredible results inside our corporate, SME and community clients.

We believe

We are on a quest to make work more engaging, meritocratic and rewarding.

We want organizations to become far more employee centric in their thinking.

We want to help organizations drive productivity and innovation.

We believe we can empower new operating models, making organisations far more flexible and adaptable.

Product / Solution / Service offerings 

Build high performance teams

ProFinda allows organizations to better utilize the skills, knowledge and experience within their workforce.

ProFinda helps build the highest performing teams by selecting people from an organization’s global, or local, internal or alumni talent pool - providing the tools to analyze each employee’s knowledge, experience and motivations.

Find expertise

Every day countless hours are wasted by employees trying to find colleagues with relevant expertise and knowledge.

Our research suggests that between 2-5 hours per person, per week are spent searching for the right person! And even then the results are only 50% successful - impacting every bid, project and task. ProFinda enables employees to instantly locate colleagues who have the right insight and expertise needed, saving hours searching and propagating knowledge within the organization.

The workforce of the future - transforming your workforce

The future of work is a fundamental shift in thinking, systems and culture. It is about developing an employee centric model that helps attract, retain and motivate a multi-generational workforce. Employee centric organizations have less emphasis on strict job titles, roles, locations and instead focus on the right people, their skills, knowledge and motivations. Through ProFinda, employees can expect to be involved in a portfolio of work, developing new skills through peer to peer coaching and projects. By more intelligently organizing work around people and their motivations, ProFinda helps companies start on the journey towards building higher performing organizations and more engaging work environments.

Sample Client List 

PwC, Hill & Knowlton, Multiplex, Tech London Advocates, On Purpose

ProFinda creates an employee centric internal map of Multiplex’s workforce ensuring staff are engaged, empowered and constantly utilized within the business. Within 4 weeks of roll out – 100% of Multiplex employees had signed in and completed their profiles, over time enabling a 74% decrease in the average time spent looking for help to under 20 minutes.”
Gemma Bellante, Business Operations Manager at Multiplex
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