Enabling Business Transformation at Scale
Reimagining Leadership, Technology and Ways of Working to Deliver Organisation-Wide Change
 Thursday 2 November 2023︱08.30-18.00︱8 Eastcheap, London EC3M 1AE

08:30-09:30    Registration, Breakfast, Networking, and One-to-One Meetings

09:30-10:05    HEADLINE PANEL: From Defensive to Proactive Transformation: The Path to Growth

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This session will explore: 

  • Reacting to the rapidly changing business landscape: How can organisations transition from a defensive mindset to a proactive approach?
  • How can you implement and foster a culture of proactive transformation and innovation within an organisation?
  • How do you balance the need for short-term profitability with the long-term vision, purpose and goals?
  • What is the role of emerging technologies playing in enabling organisations to deliver proactive, organisation-wide business transformation?
  • Managing resistance to change: How can leaders effectively communicate and engage employees to ensure buy-in and successful transformation?

    Nitish Upadhyaya, Director of Behavioural Insights, Ropes & Gray
    James Fullarton, VP Commercial IT, Smith & Nephew
    Sophia Aluko, Transformation Delivery Director, Barclays

    Anna Soisalo, Executive Director, Strategy & Product, Europe, ustwo

10:05-10:25    HEADLINE KEYNOTE: The Digital Transformation Leader's Toolkit

This session will explore: 

  • What are the essential skills and competencies of a digital transformation leader in today's digital landscape?
  • What are the disruptive technologies and tools which digital transformation leaders should leverage to accelerate the digital transformation process?
  • How do you overcome the challenges and risks associated with legacy technology?
  • How are you using the power of data analytics and insights to make informed decisions and drive innovation?
  • How are you driving effective collaboration and communication across functions to ensure smooth implementation of digital initiatives?

    Steven Zuanella, Group Chief Digital & Innovation Officer at Generali


10:25 - 11:00    HEADLINE PANEL: Driving, Democratising and Leading the Agenda for Organisation- Wide Change

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This session will explore: 

  • What are the key responsibilities and characteristics of leaders who drive and lead organisation-wide change initiatives? Do you have the right people at the top with the right skills? 
  • What is the best way to communicate change and influence employees, from the C-Level to the coalface, to embrace and invest in transformation?
  • Describe some practical strategies and methods that leaders can employ to democratise transformation and innovation e.g. upskilling and training?
  • What does the role diversity and inclusion play in driving successful transformation initiatives?
  • How do you create a culture of accountability based on feedback and data-driven insights to continuously refine transformation?

    Nic Granger, Director of Corporate, North Sea Transition Authority
    Angela MacOscar, Head of Innovation at Northumbria Water Group Limited
    Sofy Richards, Chief Operating Officer, Dentons
    Azeem Akhtar, Field CTO – International Lead, BT Business

    Caroline Monfrais, Head of Domain & Consulting Europe, Wipro

11:00-11:50    Coffee, Networking and One-to-One Meetings

11:50-12:50   Technology-Enabled Business Transformation

11:50-12:50    Reimagining Ways of Working

PRESENTATION: Managing and mitigating the risks of technology at scale; reflections on lessons lessons learned from past and future tech innovations

This session will explore:

  • What are some of the best examples of the unpredicted consequences of innovations? 
  • What are the lessons we can learn from the earlier examples to apply to new disruptive technologies such as Generative AI and Quantum?
  • Is innovation riskier now than in previous times? Why might the stakes higher than ever before?
  • Should we say unforeseen consequences or unpredicted consequences? What should we learn from that distinction?
  • Should entrepreneurs, innovators and technology leaders develop additional frameworks for predicting and mitigating the risks of technological innovations? What might these additional frameworks consider?

    Deepak Paramanand, Director of Artificial Intelligence, JP Morgan


Coping with fear during change: lessons from a British Army bomb disposal team

This session will explore:

  • Disruptive Business Model Innovation vs Disruptive Operating Model Innovation
  • What are the principles and methods required for incumbents to disrupt traditional operating models?
  • How do you structure your organisation and teams to deliver organisation-wide change?
  • How do you leverage your organisation's disruptors to enable change and encourage your organisation to adopt a disruptive frame of mind?
  • What is the impact of disruptive technologies on operating models: supply chains, productivity, collaboration?

    Benjamin Sawyer, Head of Operational Improvement, Oxford Education

PANEL: How to prepare NOW for the unforeseen consequences of transformative technologies

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Scott Logic

Scott Logic will facilitate a thought-provoking panel that will debate and explore the risks and rewards of some of the latest disruptive technologies. Our panel of experts from the public and private sectors will consider whether businesses are sleepwalking into foreseeable but unexplored consequences of disruptive technologies, drawing on parallels to the impact on businesses of Big Tech’s forays into cloud and open source.
This session will deep dive into the potential medium- and long-term impact of Generative AI and will provide practical advice on how leaders should reimagine their current AI strategy to prepare for, manage and mitigate these new risks.
This panel will also touch on how to navigate and balance the risks and opportunities of other disruptive new technologies, including AI and machine learning, quantum computing, and the latest behavioural models on the horizon.     
This session will consider:

  • Should we be worried about the unintended consequences of our continuing relationship with Big Tech?
  • What are the new/additional risks of Generative AI, in particular the democratisation of access and associated scale?
  • Why are the stakes higher and how should leaders reimagine their AI and technology strategies and roadmaps to manage and mitigate these risks?
  • Beyond Generative AI, what are the latest technology developments on the horizon that leaders need to prepare for now? 

    Neill Smith, Head of Infrastructure, The Scottish Government
    Matt Philips, Chief Operating Officer, Scott Logic

    Oliver Cronk, Technology Director, Scott Logic

PANEL: The Quest for Agility at Scale

This session will explore:

  • How do you identify and then address the barriers your organisation faces when pursuing agility at scale?
  • How are you embracing new ways of working, such as agile methodologies and cross-functional teams, to drive business transformation at scale? 
  • What does the role of technology and tools play to empower agility at scale?
  • Describe the leadership qualities and strategies that are required to create an environment that encourages experimentation, failure, collaboration, and continuous learning
  • How do you develop key relationships and collaborations with suppliers, customers, and industry partners to achieve agility?

    Anubhav Ahuja, Global Head of Investment Bank Trade Management Platform, Credit Suisse
    Lila Warren, Global Head of Retail Academy, Pret A Manger

12:50-14:00    Lunch, Networking and One-to-One Meetings

Driving, Democratising and Leading the Agenda for Organisation-Wide Change - A Deep Dive

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Proactive Transformation Strategies: Navigating The Path to Growth

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14:00-15:15  MASTERCLASS: Your Data Manifesto: What's the Missing Link?

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This session will explore:

  • What is missing from your data strategy to enable business transformation at scale?
  • How do you go about ensuring data scale, speed, and efficiency when scaling a data-driven model?
  • What are the strategies and technologies to overcome complex data pipelines and create a unified data ecosystem and platform?
  • How should you address reliability, performance, cost and code quality concerns surrounding data usage and scale?
  • How do you establish robust data cost governance, automation, and a culture of data-driven spend decision-making across the organisation?

    Ben Cooper, Regional Vice President Sales, Unravel
    Kassie Siwo-Gasa, Head of Digital Marketing, Digital Platforms, and Data Enablement, LGIM
    James Morgan, Chief Data Officer, The Crown Estate


The aim of this roundtable is to explore the challenges, solutions and opportunities organisations face when it comes to unlocking the full potential of data-driven business transformation.


14:00-15:15  MASTERCLASS: Humanising Your Customer Experience Transformation


This session will explore:

  • How do you strike a balance between leveraging customer-facing technologies and maintaining human customer experiences?
  • How do you effectively identify and understand customer needs and preferences to drive customer experience transformation?
  • How do you manage the crucial relationship between employee experience and delivering exceptional customer experiences?
  • Describe the role of disruptive technologies, such as AI and Automation, in augmenting rather than replacing human interactions?
  • How do you utilise metrics and methodologies to evaluate your customer experience transformation and use these insights to improve and iterate?

    Bogdan Grigorescu, Senior Technical Lead Architecture, Ebay
    Harry Parkes, VP Product, OVO
    Nick Macfarlane, Former Head of CX Optimization Emerging Markets Cazoo


15:15-15:55    Coffee, Networking and One-to-One Meetings

15:55-16:55    The Disruptive Frame of Mind

PRESENTATION: Disruption at Scale: Lessons from Successes and Failures

This session will explore:

  • Could you provide examples from across industry of both successful and failed attempts at disrupting internally and externally? 
  • Describe the contemporary role of disruption for successful business transformation within your organisation?
  • Mitigating the potential risks and challenges of pursuing disruption at scale: what can we learn from history?
  • How do you ensure disruption is align with customer needs and preferences through data-driven insights?
  • Adopting a startup mindset: Does a culture of innovation, experimentation, and risk-taking work at scale?

    Tim Green, Deputy Director of Research and Insight, UK Health Security Agency

PANEL: Transforming Employee Experience with Generative AI: Driving Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

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This session will explore:

  • What are the contemporary trends organisations face when delivering an industry-leading employee experience?
  • What are the recent developments in workplace AI tools and technologies?
  • What are the specific barriers you see to achieving digital employee experience in your organization and industry? 
  • How can AI be used to deliver different aspects of employee experience, as well as drive better employee experience? 
  • How can organisations overcome the cultural barriers and challenges of implementing AI and disruptive technologies?
  • If you could invent or redesign any tool or process within your organisation that could improve business productivity, what would it be?

    Leon Gauhman, Chief Strategy and Product Officer, Elsewhen

    Dastan Shukanayev, Senior in Payments, Technology and Strategy, Marks & Spencer
  • James Wehner, Global Head of Digital Experience and Innovation, Avon

15:55-16:55    Redefining Sustainability from a Cost to a Revenue Generator

PRESENTATION: Mythbusting: Sustainable Digital Transformation

This session will explore:

  • What do we actually mean by sustainable digital transformation?
  • What is the importance of embracing sustainable practices as an integral driver of digital transformation and growth?
  • How do you go about addressing common technology sustainability myths: “cloud computing vs on-prem”, “sustainable technology is too expensive”,  “top-down vs bottom-up approach” or “its just about performance and efficiency”?
  • What is the importance of people, culture, and processes in driving sustainable digital transformation?
  • Describe some practical steps and strategies for implementing sustainable technologies seamlessly and at scale

    Mike Yorwerth, COO, Kraken Energies

FIRESIDE CHAT: Sustainable Business Model Reinvention

This session will explore:

  • Integrating sustainable practices into business models at scale: what are the potential benefits and challenges?
  • How do you balance the economic viability and profitability with social and environmental responsibility? - the tension between profitability and purpose or values. (refer to DTR survey results- the question in the survey demonstrating how the members do that) 
  • Rethinking organisations’ purpose and legacy: What does your organisation want to be known for in 10 years?
  • How do you foster intra-sector and cross-sector collaboration and engagement around new sustainability initiatives? 
  • How are you driving a cultural change to embrace sustainable practices and embed sustainability into the core values and operations of the organisation?

    Ian Skelly, Head of Engineering, Tesco Bank 

16:55-18:00    Networking Drinks

Enabling Business Transformation at Scale
Reimagining Leadership, Technology and Ways of Working to Deliver Organisation-Wide Change

Thursday 2 November 2023︱08.30-18.00︱central London