Wednesday 25 May 2022 │ 08:00-18:00 BST │ The May Fair Hotel, Stratton Street, London W1J 8LT, UK




08:00 Registration OPENs
08:30-09:10 Breakfast, Networking and ONE-to-one Meetings 
09:10-09:20 Welcome
09:20-10:50 A Cognitive ReseT: Redefining disruption

As we enter an era of dramatic transformation - concepts, ideas and practices need re-defining. We open Chief Disruptor LIVE 2022, with a collective cognitive reset and a revelatory conversation on disruption.

For organisations that have always relied on tried and tested approaches, introducing innovation can be all the more difficult. In this discussion, we unpick how to super-charge disruption at scale, while mitigating liabilities and maximising rewards.

Alison Court, Chief Transformation Officer, Oxfam

Steven Zuanella, Chief Digital Officer, Generali

James Freed, Chief Digital and Information Officer, Health Education England

The ways in which organisations work has been under the spotlight over the last 2 years, but what role can technology play in developing a culture of disruption. In this session, we explore how integrating tech and people can achieve disruption. 

Gill McNeill, Head of People Services, Virgin Money


Challenger brands across all industries are forging the future and it’s defined by continuous disruption. In this session, we discuss what it’s like to disrupt an industry and challenge not only incumbent brands, but other challenger brands too, to truly push the boundaries on disruption.

Ben Brown, Chief Technology Officer, Onto

Matt McNeill Love, Co-Founder, Thursday

Adi Chhabra, CEO, Badass Water Company

Henry Staelens, CEO, Forest Green Rovers Football Club

10:50-11:20 Coffee, Networking and One-to-One Meetings




The last two years have placed enormous emphasis on the ability of technology to cater towards digital-first customer and user experience. This session looks beyond technology, whether that be digital self-service, automation or personalised tech stacks, and argues that organisations are missing a trick: the customer.

Paul Curtis, Technical Director, easyJet Holidays


Digital leaders are facing a renewed imperative to innovate the customer’s digital experience in order to deliver business impact and competitive advantage. Delivering a personalised, multi-channel digital experience has never been more important. This session highlights how streamlining customer identity is one crucial way to do this.

Nora Zukauskaite, Global Marketing Director, Ciate London; Lottie London and Skin Proud

Rob Otto, Chief Architect & EMEA Field CTO, Ping Identity

Nick King, Research and Insight Director, AutoTrader UK



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Ping Identity


Year on year, AI is emerging as an important tool for all organisations around the world. We are increasingly concerned by R&D, technical performance, ethics, policy, education, and the economy of AI. In this session, we reflect on the current state of AI and look ahead at AI developments in the years to come.

Eddie Short, Former Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Virgin Media O2

Traditional TV and video is under pressure from digital streaming platforms, video-on-demand and mobile media consumption. Hence, digital transformation efforts in the industry aim to capitilise on the most disruptive, emerging technologies to compete. This session will highlight how TV industry leaders are mobilising emerging technology to drive their transformation efforts.

Matthew Price, Controller of Strategic Transformation, ITV

One of the biggest barriers to achieving value from data is how we preprocess, engineer and utilise it. This panel explores how cross-industry experts have used innovative processes and technologies to drive business decisions and value from data.

Andy Isaacs, Head of Data, UKTV

Caroline Gorski, CEO, R2 Data Labs, Rolls-Royce

Jon Roughley, Head of Data Exchange, Experian

Richard Eltham, Chief Revenue and Technology Officer, Namos Solutions


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Namos Solutions

12:25-13:40 Lunch, Networking and One-to-One Meetings

Digital transformation and business security are two sides of the same coin. Yet central to both is the critical, but often overlooked factor of company culture. In order to deliver deep and purposeful value through digital transformation, organisations must align business security with an open and people-focussed culture. Doing so empowers employees to use technology in a way that works for them, driving business transformation, growth and success. 

Join us over lunch as we delve into research exploring the intrinsic link between culture and security. We’ll be discussing:

  • How cultural factors impact business objectives
  • How technology choices benefit culture
  • The processes that the most secure businesses follow
  • The role of leadership and diversity in maintaining business security

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The need to engage customers digitally has never been more prevalent following the major shift online during the pandemic years. The new multi-channel landscape presents novel security challenges, regulatory requirements and diminishing customer loyalty: the odds that a brand could disappoint their digital-first customers just keeps rising. 

Join Ping Identity for lunch and a discussion about how to leverage customer identity to traverse the era of multi-channel digital experience. The discussion will focus on:

    • Mastering customer-facing digital channels
    • Engaging and retaining digital-first customers
    • Streamlining the digital experience to deliver business impact
    • Using customer identity to meet regulatory and compliance requirements
    • Strike the balance between delighting and protecting your customers

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Ping Identity

The future of technology risk management lies in the use of data to drive a trusted view in real-time. This enables leaders to lower their risk levels, while also getting more business value from their technology. But how exactly can business leaders avoid relying on inaccurate and incomplete data from multiple tools and platforms?  

Join Tanium for lunch as we illustrate how to achieve a single, accurate, and rich view of technology risk. The discussion will focus on:

    • Reviewing current approaches to technology risk management and common challenges
    • Communicating technology risks with the board
    • Exploring new and highly accurate ways to measure technology risks
    • Utilising data to drive a real-time view of risk levels
    • Gain a single view to understand the true business value of your technology

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Join us over lunch to hear from a selected group of subject matter experts and industry peers to get the latest industry know-how.


You can’t have failed to notice the buzz in the media around the metaverse.

The metaverse promises lucrative opportunities for B2B and B2C companies that grasp the implications of this trend before their competitors. It’s early on in the evolution of the metaverse but with developments moving at pace, and pioneering businesses already testing the water, NOW is the time to understand what it is, to build the business case for future investments and to understand the impact it will have on your sector and your business.

Join our masterclass, where we'll be kicking off with a presentation from Nick Merritt, Strategy and Operations Officer at Vault Hill exploring: 

  • - What is the metaverse; separating fact from fiction
  • - Examples of early adopters already benefiting from entering the metaverse
  • - What are the different ways that B2B/B2C companies will benefit from entering the metaverse?

Following our deep dive from a metaverse master, we’ll be facilitating breakout round table discussions to delve into: 

  • - What will be the greatest benefits of the metaverse for your business?
  • - What will be the biggest barriers to building a metaverse for your business?
  • - What are the building blocks you need to put in place to get started?
  • - What will be your practical first steps?

Explore how to separate good data from bad, how to interrogate it, and how to utilise it effectively to add value to your business. Join data and information experts at differing stages on the data journey to learn how to instil trust in your data so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Ben Dias, Director of Data Science and Analytics, easyJet

15:10-15:40 Coffee, Networking and One-to-One Meetings



With a backdrop of data misuse, Section 230 and mistrust, governments have applied enormous amounts of pressure on big tech companies that have shifted the tectonic plates of profit-making towards the commodification of personal data. This interactive crowdfluencer will explore whether this ongoing power struggle in Washington signals the end of the golden age of big tech across the world.

Jason Maude, Chief Technology Advocate, Starling Bank

Over the last 5 years, ESG strategies within tech and business have become synonymous with sustainability, transparency, ethics and equality. However, are these topics actually integrated within wider business strategies? And what role could technology play? Through an interactive deep-dive into technology for positive change, we highlight how environmental and social goals are no longer a tick box exercise but the means to competitive advantage.

Elizabeth Naulls, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Lime Insurance

Sam Stacey, Challenge Director - Transforming Construction, UK Research & Innovation

Professor Ashley George, President, Tech for Good

The pandemic has illustrated that the spheres of wellbeing and the workplace are inextricably intertwined, with research showing that one in three employers have improved employee mental health support since the pandemic began. We analyse how to cultivate a workplace culture where wellbeing and productivity go hand-in-hand.

Alaana Woods, Commercial Director, Bupa

Tom Kegode, Work: Lab Lead, Lloyds Banking Group

What does it take to be a successful leader in the new normal of remote and hybrid working environments? It is clear that effectively managing collaboration and motivation continue to be at the forefront of this discussion. This panel will explore how we can foster collaboration, boost morale and grow as leaders in a post-pandemic world.

Ananth Nadiger, Head of Technology, TUI

Ben Legg, Founder and CEO, The Portfolio Collective

Paul Fakiridis, Head of Data, YourParkingSpace

16:45-1800 Closing remarks and NETWORKING DRINKS

Managing and Transforming legacy systems in the new era of retail 

The pandemic forced retailers to reassess legacy systems and redesign strategies that have underpinned the sector for many years. This provides huge opportunities for retail leaders, but how do you reap the rewards for your business whilst simultaneously managing cost, availability, and compliance in this new era?

Join Tanium and retail leaders for dinner and a discussion about how technology will impact efficiency and profitability as we negotiate the new era of retail.

18.00 Arrive 

18.05 Welcome from Nimbus Ninety and Introductions

18.15 Dinner and discussion
The discussion will focus on:

  • Transforming legacy systems in a safe and secure way
  • Managing the cost of complex and time-consuming migrations
  • Meeting regulatory requirements while driving growth and innovation 
  • Overcoming supply-side shortages

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Implementing precise personalisation to marvel customers in rapidly changing markets. 

In the face of unpredictability, the brands that stand out are the ones that can humanly and expertly serve customers on any channel and at any time. But this can only be achieved when customer contact teams have the ability to change and adapt in step with the rapidly changing markets they work within.

Join Twilio and customer experience and digital transformation leads for dinner, as we deep dive into how to master multi-channel personalised experiences in rapidly evolving digital ecosystems.

18.00 Arrive 

18.05 Welcome from Nimbus Ninety and Introductions

18.15 Dinner and discussion
The discussion will focus on:

  • Unlocking the ability to precisely personalise customer interactions
  • Providing customers with contextualised information on any communication channel
  • Effectively managing a wide range of communication channels on a single platform 
  • Continually inspecting, adapting and adjusting to stay ahead of changing conditions

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Our expert panels are made up of business and technology thought leaders who are at the helm of defining disruption. 

Join us over lunch to hear from a selected group of subject matter experts and industry peers to get the latest industry know-how.

Attendees will be split into industry-specific roundtable discussions to dissect the future of disruption and innovation with fellow business leaders. 

Nothing beats the vivacity of an in-person discussion. Masterclasses allow attendees to dive into one of our streams and be guided by our expert speakers through keynotes, roundtable discussions, and a Q&A session.

Our dinners bring together disruptive minds to dig deeper into the topics covered throughout the day. Discuss critical business topics with top industry peers in this unique networking opportunity.