Divya Radhakrishnan

Divya is an Applied Behaviour Scientist, working at the intersection of design, user research, behaviour science. She builds products that leverage behavioural biases, encourage behaviour change and deliver measurable impact. Follow her on Twitter @divkris or on Linkedin.

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Too Much Choice, Too Little Control

on 24-Jan-2022 10:56:25 By | Divya Radhakrishnan | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
Serendipity 3, an exclusive New York restaurant, is well-known for its outrageously priced $69 “haute dogs” and $1,000 ice cream sundaes. However when this haute dog was launched, the sales of its $17.95 hot dog went through the roof. The tactic revealed human cognitive bias: the expensive hot dog played the role of a decoy for price relativity.
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