Google Gets an A for Agility - Google Has Become Alphabet Inc.

Posted by Victoria Arrington | 13-Aug-2015 13:58:00

"We’ve long believed that over time companies tend to get comfortable doing the same thing, just making incremental changes. But in the technology industry, where revolutionary ideas drive the next big growth areas, you need to be a bit uncomfortable to stay relevant."

-Larry Page, CEO/Co-Founder of Alphabet Inc


Yesterday, the digital world woke up to the news that Google that we all know, the brand so ubiquitous that it became a verb – is being broken up. Google will now become one of many brands under a large corporate umbrella company, Alphabet Inc.

So what does this mean for the digital world? Well, we will still be Googling the answers to life’s great and not-so-great questions, and youtubing viral videos. However, there is something to be learned here for enterprise. Google saw that its organisation was becoming a Godzilla-esque behemoth. It's size and complexity had gone from being an advantage to being a blockade in the way of innovation.

Agility and innovation are key to ensuring an organisation’s longevity – and Google knows it. By creating new smaller subsidiaries, agility and innovation can cycle at a much faster rate. Innovations can also be specialised to each company, rather than waiting for the slow ungainly footsteps of a giant organisation.

Alphabet will also look to acquire smaller start-ups at an accelerated rate; not just to absorb their company, and “Googlify” it, but to do the opposite. They will ask how the nimbleness of these smaller companies could be applied to other parts of Alphabet Inc. - and lead to positive business transformation across the board.

Google introducing Alphabet into the world via a surprise announcement is symbolic of the point – enterprise must innovate for the unexpected. Here at Nimbus Ninety, we could not agree more. After all, when asked about the importance of designing a business strategy based around innovation and agility 71% of respondents to our Digital Progress Survey listed this as a high priority.

"At the heart of [an agile] approach is a strong culture of measurement that enables you to demonstrate value to senior management. If organisations keep an emphasis on experimentation and running small iterative projects, they can do this quickly."

-Caroline Boyd, Director of Strategy and Research, Nimbus Ninety

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