Looking Into the Future - Where Virtual Reality Meets IGNITE

Posted by Victoria Arrington | 05-Aug-2016 12:10:33

At our most recent IGNITE Summit, we looked to you, the Nimbus Ninety community, to learn what road you see future technologies taking us down. From 3 to 30 years in the future, you shared your insight on all the phenomenal technological developments rising on the horizon.

All of these ideas were then chronicled onto a board illustrated by artist Ben Jackson:

So, when it came to choosing which prize would be the most relevant to the winners of our futurist brainstorming session, what better to offer than something that gives a similar immersive experience - a virtual reality headset! 

...And the winner was robotic plants

One of the winners, Jennifer Rowe from Genesis Housing Group, offers her perspective on why she sees robotic plants as a key technology in the future:



The winners won a technology that was once also considered futurist, but that is happening now - a Samsung virtual reality headset. The all-encompassing experience it offers is demonstrated in this Wall Street Journal video:



As recently as 4 years ago, virtual reality was seen as unlikely to ever be commonplace. Robotic plants are in the same position today - and they may or may not be a regular part of our lives in the years to come. However, with so many amazing innovations such as VR going mainstream (with 1 million users in April 2016 alone), there is no telling where inventive thinking can take us next.

The IGNITE summit has already resulted in countless other collaborations that have led to amazing ideas, innovation, and business growth for some of the most dynamic businesses across the UK and the world. Even our forward-thinking prize winners look forward to the potent insight that they find at IGNITE - Here is prize winner Jennifer Rowe, sharing why she enjoys the summit:



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