Our Top 5: The Latest Digital Platform Breakthroughs

Posted by Grace Coello | 24-Apr-2017 15:46:23

Being that we’re nearly halfway through 2017, we were wondering - what are the latest digital platforms that are revolutionising the marketplace now? Here are our top 5:

  1. NHS Digital is instituting a market engagement exercise over a Clinical Triage Platform (CTP) 
    They have developed a programme created to improve precision, access and utility for those working in the urgent care system. Read more
  1. BNP Paribas and AXA are working on the creation of a blockchain backed platform
    The platform is based on blockchain fund distribution using smart contracts to facilitate the information flow among buyers and sellers. Read more
  1. The secret sauce of digital transformation is rackVia’s low-code platform
    The new platform combines a rapid application development with low-code requirements aiming to help companies overcome traditional technology barriers. Read more
  1. “Approved” is a new digital mortgage platform that is aiming to make mortgages frictionless
    The 20-month-old startup has recently raised $1 million and are planning to create a platform [for both lenders and borrowers] that is as easy as possible. Read more
  1. Billing and customer relationship management software specialist “Paywizard” adds new data features to their platform
    Their latest features provide pay TV operators with a complete view of the data driven by customers and predictive analytics tools that identifies subscribers tendency to recommend actions and retain those at risk. Read more

There’s no question that digital platforms are shaping the way organisations function across industry. If you are planning to implement a digital platform, make sure you are doing it the right way - by learning from the success of others.

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Written by Grace Coello

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