The Digital Trends Report 2018

Posted by Adam Stead | 10-Jan-2018 11:31:11

The Digital Trends Report 2018 is hugely exciting: it’s our big, annual quantitative research document which refines the insight of almost two hundred of our C-level members into a single insight-rich report.

The sections of the report include:

  • Competition: our members assess the threat from tech giants.
  • Strategy: what are the smart places to invest this year’s budget?
  • Skills: read how AI will change skills market requirements.
  • Customers: how will mass data collection affect relationships with users?
  • Hindsight: find out what members felt their pain points and failures were as they undertook digital projects last year.
  • Foresight: what will be the most disruptive technologies in 2018?

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Alongside the report we have talked to several experts able to provide key insights on a section by section basis:

  • Philip Green, the CFO of Deliveroo, talks about strategy and his tips for managing growth.
  • Martin Warnes, the Managing Director of, explains changes in the skills market to date, and how he expects it to develop going forward.
  • Professor Rose Luckin, Learner Centered Design from University College London, explores how AI will affect the UK in a macroeconomic sense.
  • Robert Bridge, the CCO of the Telegraph Media Group, discusses how their relationship with customers will change; and the key drivers changing it.
  • Bruce Daisley, the VP of EMEA at Twitter, argues that organisations can innovate using hindsight and feedback, without being paralysed by them.
  • Finally David Mattin, the Head of Insights at TrendWatching, talks about how consumer trends are formed in the first place, and the methodology for anticipating them.

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Written by Adam Stead

As Research & Content Producer, Adam finds and publishes up-to-date expertise regarding how disruptive technology will drive change business and life.

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