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Simplifying and De-Risking Big Data Cloud Migrations

A new perspective on de-risking the process


18:00-19:45 GMT

Wednesday 19 January 2022
Virtual - On Zoom

Data platforms which have dominated the market for many years reach end of support life in March 2022 and this means change is on the horizon for many enterprises.

This marks a significant turning point. Enterprises have no choice but to migrate to something new and many are looking to cloud solutions. Some have already embarked on the daunting task of migrating and for those who have not finalised their plans, time is running short. Yet, the route to migration can be riddled with complexity, risk and high price tags.

To support Nimbus Ninety members on their migration journey, we are hosting an event on the evening of Wednesday 19 January in partnership with Unravel Data, Appsbroker, Google Cloud Partner.


18.00 Join and Introductions

18.15 Welcome from Nimbus Ninety

18.20 Building a Unified Analytics Data Platform 

Firat Tekiner, EMEA Data Analytics Practice Lead, Google Cloud

18.40 Data Transformation at the John Lewis Partnership

Andy MacInnes, Chief Technology Officer, Appsbroker

18.50 Round-table discussion 
  • Explore the most popular migration options and their pros and cons
  • Sign-post common pitfalls and solutions 
  • Identify how to de-risk the process and keep to budget 
  • Define how to safeguard data and maintain business as usual through the migration period 
  • Share first-hand accounts from members’ experiences and from technical experts
19.30 Questions and key takeaways  
19.45 Closing remarks 

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firat-tekinerFirat Tekiner, EMEA Data Analytics Practice Lead, Google Cloud

Firat Tekiner, PhD, MBA, is currently EMEA Data Analytics Practice Lead at Google Cloud. Firat is a tech lead and thought leader with over 15 years of experience in designing and delivering bespoke information systems for some of the world’s largest research, education, telecommunications, finance and retail organisations. Following roles within National Supercomputing Services and National Centre for Text Mining, he worked as a senior consultant at Ab Initio software prior to joining Google.


Andy MacInnes Andy MacInnes, Chief Technology Officer, Appsbroker

Andy MacInnes has worked at pivotal points of change for major brands – notably BBC’s move to iPlayer, Sage’s move to the Cloud, and John Lewis’ move from bricks and mortar to 100% online during the pandemic. Now CTO at Appsbroker, he continues to build on his strong relationship with Google and is closer to the technology that helps businesses transform.


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This event is for 12 C-level, VPs, Directors, Heads, Senior Managers, and drivers of live projects in Architecture, Cloud, Data, Engineering, Finance, Infrastructure, IT, ML, Optimization, Risk, Strategy, Technology, Threat Analyst, Transformation.

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