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Robotic Plants: A Future Reimagined?

on 12-Jul-2016 13:58:00 By | Freya Wallace | 0 Comments | IGNITE Summits Thought Leadership
Recently, Nimbus Ninety held an interactive future reimagined session, where our community of C-level business and technology leaders were asked to conceptualise what they thought the future would look like.
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Help Shape Our Future

on 28-Jun-2016 14:49:56 By | Freya Wallace | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Speakers & Partners
“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” We get a huge buzz from hearing members’ success stories: A light-bulb moment that happened at one of our quarterly IGNITE summits, or a conversation over dinner that turns into a working partnership, or even insight gained from a brainstorming session.
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Our New Digital Leaders Insight Survey - Share Your Story with Us

on 22-Jun-2016 15:41:14 By | Freya Wallace | 0 Comments | Research & Reports IGNITE Summits Thought Leadership
Data. That’s what an astounding number of our members at our recent IGNITE summit took the most value from. Facts, figures, statistics; quantifiable answers to help them solve problems or drive innovation. Here at Nimbus Ninety, we consider it vital to listen to our members and provide useful and insightful collateral that’s on-trend and shareable with peers.
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