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Sacha is part of the Marketing and Editorial teams at Nimbus Ninety. She explores what the biggest trends are in business and technology, and creates content for our community.

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Recruiting Gen Z with Chipotle

on 06-May-2022 16:14:57 By | Sacha Clarke | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
Hiring new talent is no longer just about what the employees can offer, but what value the organisation can provide in return. As our State of Recovery Report found, “hiring new talent” to be the top initiative for organisational growth. Mike Miller, the Director of Talent Acquisition at Chipotle has seen first-hand which strategies work best for onboarding new employees, and he relishes crafting the people experience at the restaurant chain. We spoke with Mike to find out what the modern talent landscape looks like, and what Gen Z employees are looking for when considering a new role at Chipotle.
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Beyond Reality - With Joe Williams, Head of Immersive Tech at LADBible

on 21-Apr-2022 12:47:01 By | Sacha Clarke | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
Our 2022 Disruptive Trends Report highlighted that augmented reality and virtual reality will become a key tool to engage audiences in the next 3 years. So how can leaders apply immersive tech as an opportunity to give customers memorable CX? Joe Williams, Head of Immersive Tech at UK publishing group LADBible, joined us at Chief Disruptor LIVE last October to give us an insight into what it really means to work in the extended reality sector, and what opportunities can be grasped across industries.
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Digital First: Redefining The Gaming Industry With Kieran Holmes-Darby

on 14-Apr-2022 22:28:24 By | Sacha Clarke | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
The Superbowl is known for being the annual event of the year in the US, with a staggering viewership of 100 million back in 2019. That same year, the competitive gaming event ‘League of Legends’, run by EXCEL ESPORTS, surpassed the famous sports event, drawing in an audience of over 103 million. So, as the gaming industry grows to £228bn worldwide in worth, what is the future for digital sports, versus the traditional? At Chief Disruptor LIVE, we sat down with Co-Founder of EXCEL ESPORTS, Kieran Holmes-Darby, to hear about how the company was born in the local pub, what it meant to be digital-first, and the future of the gaming industry.
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Catering To The Mob With Ben Lebus: What Comes After Hyper-Growth?

on 07-Apr-2022 12:07:17 By | Sacha Clarke | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
25 years ago, social media was an alien concept, involving only a singular platform: Fast forward to 2022, and having a social media presence has not only become part of our daily lifestyle but an essential tool for businesses, if they want to stay in the competitive lane. MOB Kitchen is the social media born food company, whose 1-minute recipe videos now attract an audience of 856k followers on Instagram, and leads the example in how to successfully build an online audience. We sat down with the founder, Ben Lebus, to find out how he grew MOB Kitchen from nothing, and where he sought out new opportunities to grow with online platforms.
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Douglas Lamont: Balancing People, Profit And The Planet

on 24-Mar-2022 10:32:38 By | Sacha Clarke | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
It’s not new information that 2030 is the deadline to save the state of the global climate. As the United Nations explained in 2017, “we are the last generation to prevent irreparable damage”. Yet, strikingly, our 2022 Disruptive Trends Report showed how sustainability is being pushed down businesses’ agendas. So where are organisations going wrong, and how can leaders foster a positive balance between people, profit but also the planet, before it’s too late? We spoke with Douglas Lamont, CEO of Innocent Drinks and the co-chair of The Better Business Act, to delve deeper into the challenges businesses are facing with sustainable practices, the concept of sustainable capitalism, and how potential legislation could increase accountability across industries.
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Building Employee Resilience: How to Support Teams in 2022

on 01-Feb-2022 17:14:10 By | Sacha Clarke | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
Wellbeing has become a forefront focal point since the pandemic began. According to our Digital Trends Report 2021, it was found that 35% of respondents saw separating work and home as a top priority to improve working life.
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