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As Research & Content Producer, Adam finds and publishes up-to-date expertise regarding how disruptive technology will drive change business and life.

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The Digital Body Language Dinner

on 01-Mar-2018 14:38:00 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments |
The Digital Body Language Dinner took place at the South Place Hotel on 28 February 2018. It gave members a chance to discuss how to drive customer experience by looking more closely at “digital body language.” The discussion topics included:
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Converge: a Reflection

on 07-Feb-2018 13:44:02 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments |
  Thank You
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The Data and Customer Loyalty Dinner

on 05-Feb-2018 14:32:28 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments |
The data and customer loyalty dinner took place on the 31st of January at the Shard. It was held in partnership with Cheetah Digital and aimed to tease out the best ways to use data to maximise customer loyalty. Cheetah Digital is about speed; the idea is to empower marketers by taking the relevant customer data to their fingertips. They were therefore well placed to provide expertise about data and customer loyalty.
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Going Horizontal: Thinking Differently about Your Assets with the MD of Accenture Digital

on 02-Feb-2018 16:29:13 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments | Case Studies & Interviews Thought Leadership
Coal, oil, gas, mining; these industries have long been dominated by a few massive players. The price of their product is so volatile, and the barriers to entry so high, that they are very difficult to break into. These are highly regulated industries with deep impact to global economy, so many different angles need to be covered before change occurs.
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The Digital Customer Experience and Personalisation Dinner

on 31-Jan-2018 14:38:43 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments |
The Digital Experience and Personalisation Dinner took place on the 30th of January at the South Place Hotel. It provided a forum for members to network, relax, and discuss some of the latent opportunities and thornier problems with digital customer experience and personalisation.
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The Digital Trends Report 2018

on 10-Jan-2018 11:31:11 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments | Research & Reports Activities & Updates
The Digital Trends Report 2018 is hugely exciting: it’s our big, annual quantitative research document which refines the insight of almost two hundred of our C-level members into a single insight-rich report.
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Chief Disruptor, Nimbus Ninety’s Magazine

Calling all disruptors… Propelled by innovation, members rarely have time to digest the change which they fuel. To understand the whirlwind from above, look no further: Nimbus Ninety is pleased to announce the release of its magazine, Chief Disruptor.
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The Data and Infrastructure Dinner

on 06-Dec-2017 15:52:45 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
The Data and Infrastructure Dinner took place at Searcys at The Gherkin on 5 December 2017. It was a chance for members to network, and discuss data infrastructure challenges and solutions.
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The GDPR Compliance Dinner

on 27-Nov-2017 10:04:08 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments | Event reports
The GDPR compliance dinner took place on the 22nd November at the South Place Hotel, in partnership with DocuSign. DocuSign are the answer to the question of how signatures go digital; they have also brought out tools to help businesses demonstrate compliance with GDPR.
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The Digital Factory Dinner

on 17-Nov-2017 16:43:19 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Thought Leadership
The digital factory dinner took place at Rosewood, London, on the 16th November. It was a chance for executives from brands including consumer goods, high street banks, and software companies, to talk over dinner and drinks about the challenges they faced and some of the solutions they might implement.
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