Tori Williams

Tori is the Content and Research Manager at Nimbus Ninety. She works with our partners to create content, research and events, designed to help our members grow their knowledge and spark opportunities.

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Collaborating on the Race to Net Zero

on 09-Dec-2022 10:48:48 By | Tori Williams | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Thought Leadership Event reports
How can CIOs stay on the path to net zero while also dealing with market volatilities, digital transformation, and rising inflationary pressures?
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2022 Business Trends and How They Will Impact Tech Leaders

on 09-Feb-2022 17:38:04 By | Tori Williams | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Event reports
Hybrid working is here to stay. With it comes increased online activity, information technology requirements and security threats. Simultaneously, costs are being squeezed and the regulatory landscape is changing at pace and scale. We know uncertainty and turbulence will continue to impact organisations throughout 2022, but which trends will impact tech operations the most? In partnership with Tanium, we brought Nimbus Ninety members together to discuss what’s next for tech leaders in 2022.
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Do you Need a Warehouse, a Lake or a Mesh?

on 10-Dec-2021 15:16:10 By | Tori Williams | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
To remain customer centric, enterprises must understand ever expanding volumes of data and it has become business critical to utilise a data architecture that best reflects the needs of employees and customers. Two approaches have traditionally dominated: the data warehouse and the data lake. Recently, a third contender has arrived: the data mesh.
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Unlocking Cloud Capabilities in Healthcare

on 10-Dec-2021 09:41:29 By | Tori Williams | 0 Comments | Event reports
Many organisations struggle with inconsistent infrastructure, inefficiencies and risks, and a need to modernise and secure data centres. With VMware Cloud on AWS, organisations are able to unlock new capabilities to drive new efficiencies, better consolidation of IT systems, and enhanced customer experience.
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The rise of data scientists to leverage AI

on 30-Nov-2021 19:42:52 By | Tori Williams | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
Companies need AI to accelerate innovation, assess business conditions and deliver new customer experiences. But today, many organisations have not yet bridged the gap between the promise of AI and real results.
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Super-Powering Application Performance For World-Class Results

on 26-Nov-2021 14:33:16 By | Tori Williams | 0 Comments | Event reports
Customers are used to speed and ease online. When an app doesn't load in seconds, this customer loyalty can be lost in seconds too. To deliver a frictionless CX every time and retain hard-won customers, performance testing throughout the development cycle is key.
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We Know Data is the New Oil. Here's Why Trust is the New Disruptor.

on 10-Nov-2021 17:22:21 By | Tori Williams | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
61% of high-growth brands are shifting to a first-party data strategy. What is a first-party data strategy? It’s a strategy that uses data collected directly with the unambiguous consent of customers. First-party data can come from a variety of online and offline interactions with customers. But in today’s digital world, first-party data often starts with first-party cookies. A first-party cookie is a code that automatically gets stored on a visitor’s computer when they browse a brand’s website. Sounds simple - so why are high-growth brands only beginning to shift to a first-party data strategy? Digital marketers have traditionally relied on a third-party data strategy, underpinned by third-party cookies. Third-party cookies are created by domains that are not from the website that you’re visiting. They can be added to any website that loads the third-party server’s code. This has enabled third-parties cookies to collect vast amounts of data. This broad reach has meant that third-party data has formed the bedrock of large scale digital marketing campaigns in recent years. It’s been transformative for brands because it’s allowed them to market to and re-target more current and prospective customers than ever before.
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Accelerating Cloud Capability in Government

on 03-Nov-2021 09:04:54 By | Tori Williams | 0 Comments | Event reports
The past 18 months have fundamentally changed how government operates. Government services, from large central departments to local councils, have had a mission-critical requirement to deliver cloud-first services. This has rapidly accelerated migration to the cloud. But it has not been a journey without challenges and IT leaders in government have innovated at pace to utilise and maximise its potential.
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The Journey to Frictionless CX

on 30-Sep-2021 17:17:21 By | Tori Williams | 0 Comments | Event reports
Delivering frictionless CX has never been more important. In the last 18 months, we’ve seen widespread migration to online-first for customers across the globe. As a result, customer expectations online have rapidly shape-shifted. Today the customer experience really matters: 67% of customers claim they have higher CX standards than ever before. Yet simultaneously, 66% of enterprises say their customers demand stronger security and privacy. This presents a tricky question for business leaders. Should they prioritise a frictionless customer experience or a highly secure one?
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