Interview with Laundrapp's CEO and Founder, Ed Relf

on 08-Jun-2016 17:49:59 By | Victoria Arrington | 0 Comments | IGNITE Summits Case Studies & Interviews
Ed Relf, CEO and founder of Laundrapp, is no stranger to innovative start-ups. After working in digital businesses for years, Ed looked at one of the most antiquated businesses on the high street - launderettes and dry-cleaners - and saw the vast digital gap holding the industry back. This digital void inspired him to found Laundrapp, and to start a platform revolution in an industry that had not changed its methods or business practices for decades.
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Two Reasons to Get Very Excited Today!

on 14-Mar-2016 15:20:14 By | Caroline Boyd | 0 Comments | Research & Reports IGNITE Summits
Today is a very exciting day for us all at Nimbus, for two big reasons. Number 1 of course, is that today is the first day of our 6th IGNITE summit in London, focusing on the highly topical subject of business model reinvention (more on that later…). Secondly, because today we are launching our new report, Digital Business Model Reinvention, part one of our Digital Leaders Insight Series. It’s a pretty proud day for the whole team as it represents the latest phase in our legacy of over 10 years of independent research into the impact and implications of digital trends and technologies.
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Congratulations to Skignz, the winner of Pitch@IGNITE!

on 21-May-2015 11:24:00 By | Victoria Arrington | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates IGNITE Summits
Congratulations to the winner of our first Pitch@IGNITE session - Skignz!
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on 18-Mar-2015 17:53:00 By | Dominic Murphy | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates IGNITE Summits
Are you a b2b technology start-up with a proven idea striving to get your company in front of hundreds of senior stake holders from potential clients? Have you tried and tested your product or service and can you demonstrate return on investment?
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The Core to a Successful Digital Strategy: creating a digital culture

The days when a business was considered leading-edge for having a digital strategy encompassing mobile, e-commerce and social media feel long gone. In fact some would argue that, in the ‘digital age’ we now live, a business could hardly survive without these customary ‘bolt-on’ digital tools. This, of course, is debatable but one thing is for sure, the true ‘digital leaders’ have a lot more to their digital strategies than only these digital offerings.
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Digital Strategy: launch of the Nimbus Ninety Digital Benchmarking Practice

on 27-Feb-2015 17:36:00 By | Dominic Murphy | 0 Comments | Research & Reports Activities & Updates IGNITE Summits
Nimbus Ninety is delighted to launch our new and cutting edge Digital Benchmarking Practice. At Nimbus Ninety we exist solely to help our community members along the way to digital success in their organisations and this is the next way we are here to help you!
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How does the future look for big data revenue?

on 12-Feb-2015 16:28:00 By | Dominic Murphy | 0 Comments | IGNITE Summits
Do you think 'big data' is just another peice of jargon that's going to distract you from what really matters to your business? If revenue matters to your business (which we sure hope it does) you may want to re-consider, but that's up to you. We would however suggest having a quick look at the infographic below, from Umbel, to see what the future of big data revenue looks like for enterprise organisations.
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First speakers for IGNITE May 15

on 12-Dec-2014 15:50:00 By | Mark Young | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates IGNITE Summits Speakers & Partners
The next Nimbus Ninety IGNITE digital innovation and business transformation summit takes place on May 12 & 13, 2015.
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Nimbus Ninety's 3rd IGNITE summit goes off with a bang!

on 07-Nov-2014 15:31:00 By | Mark Young | 0 Comments | IGNITE Summits
On November 4 and 5 2014, more than 400 senior executives from the UK’s leading organisations descended on The Worx venue in Parson’s Green, London, for Nimbus Ninety’s third IGNITE digital disruption, business transformation and innovation summit.
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IGNITE awards winners announced

on 31-Oct-2014 09:25:00 By | Dominic Murphy | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates IGNITE Summits
After an incredible awards ceremony this evening, packed full of stories of innovation and disruption, the winners of the inaugural Nimbus Ninety IGNITE Awards have finally been announced!
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